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Studies show that recruiters spend an average of 30 seconds reviewing each of the CVs and résumés* they receive before rejecting those that don’t match their requirements.

Their decision is based on the length and presentation of the CV/résumé, its language use and whether it matches criteria in the job analysis, as well as the evidence of success it supplies in each instance.

To stand out, your CV needs to be more than the usual list of your work and educational history, however well written. It must showcase you as a preferred candidate by functioning as a personal marketing tool.

At Brightstar, we understand this and take pride in writing CVs/résumés that get our clients the job they want.

* A résumé is a one page summary of a CV that is used in the USA and Canada. It features a standard layout and its content is customised for each position applied . A CV presents an in-depth view of a candidate and is static. It is used in the United Kingdom, Ireland and New Zealand. Both are used interchangeably in Australia, South Africa and New Zealand.

Member: Professional Association of Resume Writers and Career Coaches, USA
Member: Professional Editors’ Guild, South Africa 

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Brightstar CVs is a small, personalised CV consultancy, specialising in professional CV and LinkedIn profile writing for medium to high skill positions.

Backed by relevant qualifications in marketing, communications and industrial psychology, our writers have extensive experience in executive recruitment and talent management (including bid adjudication committees) and corporate Leadership Assessment Programmes for blue chip companies.

Our ethos is: ‘integrity underpins success.’

Member: Professional Association of Résumé Writers and Career Coaches, USA
Member: Professional Editors’ Guild, South Africa




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Contact us for a no obligation quotation. Alternatively, please email your CV to nadjamartinussen@outlook.com